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School Production

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Greenpark School is situated in the suburb of Greerton, seven kilometres south from the city centre of Tauranga, New Zealand.

We are a co-educational, contributing school for Year 1 - 6 students.

The school was first established in 1956 and has grown steadily to a roll in excess of 780, currently accommodated in 30 classrooms.
front gate

Staffing at the school consists of 40 registered teachers, 11 teacher aides, a non teaching Principal, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal, SENCO, Music Specialist, Sports Co-Coordinator, Librarian, Art Tutor, Dance Teacher, International Student Manager, International Student Liaison Teacher, GATE Teacher, Individual Needs Teacher, ORS Teacher, Office Manager, Office Assistant and Bursar.”


Year 5&6 Swimming Sports Champions 2014


greenpark school arwards 2


Outstanding achievements in Maths and Spelling

greenpark school arwards 1

Jamie Hong - Yr 5 Girl, David Park - Yr 5 Boy
Paul Moon - Yr 6 Boy, Ayla Redshaw - Yr 6 Girl

Best of luck at the West Cluster swimming sports this Friday 28th March!

Jamie Hong, David Park, Hyunbin Bae

Recognised at Greenpark School Assembly on 17 March 2014 for the outstanding achievements in Maths and Spelling (Year 5, Term 1).


hansin artboard-c


On Friday the 30th August a group of 34 students, teachers and parents will be going to visit our sister school, Hansin Elementary School, in Seoul, SOuth Korea as part of our International Exchange Programme.

The students and parents have been fundraising throughout the year to assist with the funding of this trip.

While in Seoul our students will live in homestays with their Korean hosts and attend school on a daily basis. They will also have the opportunity to go on many excursions including Seoul Tower, The War Memorial of Korea, Yongsan Electronics Market, The Korean National Folk Village, Everland Amusement Park, Caribbian Bay, COEX Aquarium and Namdaemun Market.

All are very excited and are looking forward to this trip.

jacks dragon

 As a part of the Greenpark School C.O.P.E challenge, Jack Childs in Room 11 spent his school holidays working with his entire family to create this amazing Dragon. ‘I like dragons. I got the idea from the dragon in the Hobbit movie,’ said Jack.

Jack and his dad measured out the body on an old towel and then cut chicken wire to the same shape. When the wire was put together, the whole family then took part in papier mache. ‘I used glue to make the paper on the dragon smoother so it would be easier to paint,’ explained Jack.

Once the dragon was made, Jack had a problem. The dragon would not stand up on its own, so Jack and his dad made a wooden base for the dragon which also needed to be papier mached.

‘Then we started painting,’ said Jack. ‘I started off with a dark colour and then went over it with metallic paint. My dad made the teeth by sharpening sticks and pins. For the eyes, I found some of my mums glow in the dark stones and glued them on. He now looks like an evil dragon.’

Jack is very proud of his dragon. He persevered and spent lots of time to create something really special.
If you would like to see Jack’s dragon it is on display in the school library and will be a part of the Greenpark School Art Exhibition later on in the year.

Jack Childs, Room 11

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School Prospectus

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School Office

H: 8am - 4pm weekdays
P:07 5410606
F:07 5410607


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Promotional Video

Green Park School Promotional Video


Home Time

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International Student of the Year

international student of the year jun min hong

Jun Min Hong - Korean Times International Student of the Year