Gareth ScholesPrincipal

At Greenpark School our committed and dedicated staff will endeavour to offer its pupils a challenging and exciting range of experiences aimed at assisting each individuals academic, physical, social, emotional and cultural development.  Our programmes of work will also provide pupils with learning experiences that encourage personal excellence and a feeling of success.

In order to achieve quality learning, our staff are actively involved in professional development and use evaluation, planning and teaching methods that focus on the process of learning.

In providing a caring environment for our pupils, all staff will strive to ensure that all children feel accepted and valued by teachers and peers alike; they will show an understanding and acceptance of gender and cultural differences and provide a warm, friendly and supportive classroom and school atmosphere conducive to learning.

In addition to our committed staff our Board of Trustees and Parent Teacher Association assist in providing a strong partnership for the benefit of the children.

Our “open-door” policy combined with open communication with our parent community is greatly appreciated by all associated with the school.  As Principal I welcome all contact with our parent community and am happy to share and discuss any ideas and concerns.  Working together we can ensure that Greenpark School continues its fine tradition as one of Tauranga’s leading educational facilities.

Jason Mischewski
Jason MischewskiDeputy Principal
Christina Leef
Christina LeefDeputy Principal

Mauao Syndicate – New Entrant

Jennifer Douglas
Jennifer DouglasRoom 29
Natasha Hoskin
Natasha HoskinRoom 31
Glen Harrison
Glen HarrisonSyndicate Leader - Room 32
Bex Wotton
Bex WottonRoom 33

Tarawera Syndicate – Year 1

Hayley Nicholas
Hayley NicholasRoom 26
Juleen Young
Juleen YoungSyndicate Leader - Room 27
Jenny Mahar
Jenny MaharRoom 28

Tongariro Syndicate – Year 2

Ebony Kahukura
Ebony KahukuraRoom 18
Haidee Jenkins
Haidee JenkinsRoom 18
Stacey Fairweather
Stacey FairweatherRoom 22
Brad Collins
Brad CollinsSyndicate Leader - Room 23
Eiryl Pearce
Eiryl PearceRoom 24
Ali Fullick
Ali FullickRoom 25

Ngauruhoe Syndicate – Year 3

Katie Carroll
Katie CarrollSyndicate Leader - Room 13
Kylie Hutchinson
Kylie HutchinsonRoom 14
Lara Wadsworth
Lara WadsworthRoom 20
Reannan Burgess
Reannan BurgessRoom 21
Caroline Banyard
Caroline BanyardRoom 21

Taranaki Syndicate – Year 4

Josh Dickey
Josh DickeySyndicate Leader - Room 10
Anna Parker
Anna ParkerRoom 11
Sue Oakley
Sue OakleyRoom 15
Tania Bailey
Tania BaileyRoom 16
Tony Cook
Tony CookRoom 17

Ruapehu Syndicate – Year 5

Ben Brock
Ben BrockSyndicate Leader - Room 5
Kyla BoyleRoom 6
Paul Sutherland
Paul SutherlandRoom 7
Cath Thompson
Cath ThompsonRoom 9
Michelle Clarkin
Michelle ClarkinRoom 12

Aoraki Syndicate – Year 6

Warren Young
Warren YoungSyndicate Leader - Room 1
Fiona Silvester
Fiona SilvesterRoom 2
Paul Guthrie
Paul GuthrieRoom 3
Stephanie Harris
Stephanie HarrisRoom 4
Julian Broadbent
Julian BroadbentRoom 8

Hikurangi Syndicate

Lynne Mossop
Lynne MossopAssistant Principal / International Manager
Judy Inkster
Judy InksterMusic & Drama
Rochelle Rhind
Rochelle RhindDance Studio

Release Teachers

Gina Tawharu
Gina Tawharu
Andy Bennett
Andy Bennett
Sarah Talbut
Sarah Talbut

Kaimai Syndicate

Alison MunksSENCO
Annette Pepperell
Annette PepperellTeacher Aide
Heather Chrystal
Heather ChrystalTeaher Aide
Julie Coxhead
Julie CoxheadTeacher Aide/Road Patrol Supervisor
Melanie Hodges-Ginns
Melanie Hodges-GinnsTeacher Aide
Shannon Brown
Shannon BrownTeacher Aide
Colleen Rigby
Colleen RigbyTeacher Aide
Hannah Filer
Hannah FilerTeacher Aide
Lynn Pellow
Lynn PellowStaffroom Organisation
Gail BlakeleyTeacher Aide
Jenny RichardsTeacher Aide

Curriculum Support

Darren Leef
Darren LeefSports Co-ordinator
Jo Gilpin
Jo GilpinArt Tutor
Alice Kim
Alice KimInternational Liaison
Julie Rosser
Julie RosserESOL International Students
Jo Harvey
Jo HarveyTechnology Support/Reading Recovery
Jude Cosson
Jude CossonLibrarian
James Appleford
James ApplefordIT Technician


Lynn Marriner
Lynn MarrinerOffice Manager
Theresa Lemi
Theresa LemiAdministrator
Kym Mischewski
Kym MischewskiBursar / Principal's PA
Dawn Preston
Dawn PrestonOffice Assistant


Gordon Tamihere
Gordon TamihereCaretaker / Cleaner
Aroha McLeod
Aroha McLeodCaretaker

Staff On Leave

Alicia Best
Alicia Best
Owen Hohaia
Owen Hohaia