Mission Statement:

To enhance our students’ educational experience at Greenpark School by continually improving our resources and facilities.


The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Greenpark School consists of parents, senior school management, a teacher representative and a Board of Trustees representative.  Members meet regularly in order to facilitate parental participation in our school, and to discuss and organise fundraising initiatives and projects for the benefit of Greenpark School children.  In the last year the PTA has organised events such as the school disco, Greenpark A-thon, Abacus fundraising calendars, Juicie Day and Hotdog Day.  Funds raised from events such as these go towards improving the environmental and educational facilities of the school.

Each year the PTA hosts the Greenpark School Disco. This event is a real highlight for many pupils. The theme this year was Fluoro!’ 

Meet the Chairperson:

Chairperson – Sarah Athy-Knibbs

My name is Sarah Athy-Knibbs and I am the current Chairperson.  I have three children currently at the school – George (Year 6), Isabelle (Year 3) and Charlie (Year 1)I have been on the PTA since my older daughter (now at intermediate)  joined the school in Year 2.  I joined the PTA to be more involved with the school and to contribute to the life of the school, outside of the curriculum, as well as to meet other parents.

I believe the PTA has an important role to play within the school as it strengthens relationships between staff and parents, as well as between parents, and enables extra equipment and resources to be provided for our children through fundraising.  I also think it is important that the PTA contributes to the spirit of the school through activities such as the disco and I would like to further develop the sense of community at the school through the PTA.

If you would like to find out more about the PTA and/or are interested in joining, please contact me or one of the members below.  We would love to hear from you!

How can you help?

Get involved!! Either join us on the Committee, or if you can’t make that commitment why not become a FROG (Friends of Greenpark School) where you can be contacted for occasional help by the Committee – every little bit helps!

How do I join?

PTA key contacts are listed below, please get in touch and we can answer any questions you may have.


Sarah Athy-Knibbs, Chairperson 

Debbie Hallam, Vice-Chairperson

Briar Greasley, Treasurer

Frequency of Meetings

PTA meetings are held twice a term, usually in weeks 4 and 9 at 7.00pm on Monday.